The Constitution: It’s Old, Folks

As mass shootings continue to solidify their place in the canon of American lifestyle, calls for increased gun control have, finally, become an oft proposed solution to curtailing firearm violence.  Not to be outshouted, however, are the gun lovers who retreat to the hallowed ground of the U.S. Constitution, holding up the 2nd Amendment, sticking out their tongues and screaming, “I told you so!”

While the veracity of the 2nd Amendment as a justification for gun ownership can (and should) be debated, I am going to grant these firearm-fetishizers their most explosive wet dream: yes, the 2nd Amendment means you can own whatever quantity of any firearm that your fearful, angry, violent little heart desires.

I have a different question: so what?  So what if the founding fathers wanted everyone to have access to firearms?  That was 200 fucking years ago; there have been some changes since then.  Sure, at the time, these men constructed a very effective governing document that has allowed our government to thrive for so long.  But I think they’ve done enough.  Maybe it’s time we take over with this whole governing thing.

Unyielding adherence to a centuries-old document just because an influential group of dudes wrote it is, quite frankly, stupid (and don’t call me Shirley).  Let’s trust ourselves to use what knowledge we have gained in the last couple of centuries to help improve our society and stop holding up the words of a few dead guys as a reason for the proliferation of violence and death.


2 thoughts on “The Constitution: It’s Old, Folks

  1. Lately I have been reading a lot about gun control and the linkage to the last mass shooting. Here are some thoughts I got in regards to this:

    1. Gun control is not the answer, but it’s an important part of the solution.
    Also: a nation where gun control research is illegal is not the greatest nation in the world.

    2. Terrorists are the absolute worst, but we have to also own up to our responsibility as a nation for driving more of them to radicalization. This starts with ditching the moronic assumption that they ‘hate us for our freedom’ and replacing it with the more accurate assumptions about who we expect them to side with when we break their country and leave it worse than we found it (Iraq) or bomb them indiscriminately and kill their families.


  2. I think you overstep a tidbit. While I do think that we have elevated our Founding Fathers to the status of secular gods, I do think the Constitution is still relevant. The idea that we have unalienable rights that should be protected universally is a good one. But I think we need to stop regarding the Constitution as untouchable and recognize that FFs couldn’t possibly foresee how the world would develop. We need to stop making such a big deal about amendments and give the Constitution a nice makeover.


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